In 2016 the US Special Forces in conjunct with SofWerx held a penetration testing contest
to find a team of people able to remotely exploit the DJI Phantom drone. These drones were being used to attack US troops. They needed a technical answer to this deadly problem. We formed a 5 man team of hackers.

We named this team the “Dunning Kruger Experience” (DKE) in honor of the strange phenomenon of causing very capable people to underestimate they ability and the tendency of less able people to overestimate their ability, which makes it very difficult to really know how good you are at doing something. Anyways, we won this contest. This lead to the formation of DKE Labs LLC.

DKE Labs was commissioned to make a anti drone hardware and software solution to these horrifying drones carrying improvised explosives.

Better Safeā„¢ is a fresh look for a more customer focused project brought to you by the same Tampa Bay based R&D think-tank.